Thank you to all who have supported our visions and work throughout the year of 2007. Now, we are embarking upon greater goals in 2008. Our work in Mississippi and Louisiana continues. It is our plan to visit MS on Easter Sunday, March 23, 2008. We have identified a house in Gulfport, MS which we are working diligently to partially raze and rebuild in 6 days. We cannot do this without your continued support. The family who lives in this house and a very small FEMA trailer have been in this squalor for 2 1/2 years now. Seven of the rooms are filled with mildew and mold and have been shut off from the other two rooms - the kitchen and part of the living room. They sleep in the kitchen together most evenings as the FEMA trailer is much too small. To relieve the parents of some of their frustrations, TEGC flew them to Seattle on December 18, 2007. In Seattle, they were treated royally and were so thankful to the people who worked, untiringly, to make sure that they had a wonderful time. They were interviewed by radio stations and were the guests of Seattle Prep High School as well. The students at Seattle Prep went out of their way to show them their greatest hospitality. They saw 3 performances of "Black Nativity" at the Intiman Theater - their first time at a professional production. They were "blown off of their feet". They loved it and have not stopped talking about the effect it had on their lives. TEGC, along with students from Seattle Prep, Holy Names, Seattle University and other schools, will join Pastor Pat Wright, Randy Novak (Zuma Media) in their sojourn to MS. The group is greatly in need of building materials of all kinds, tools, furnishing and everything aassociated with a rebuild. YOU can help! We are requesting that you would load up gift cards from Lowe's and Wal-Mart. These two are the major chains in the area. They (the chains) also employ many of the people who are in the area. Money is always needed as well. Persons wishing to aid and assist in any way - including your presence on the trip - may reply to: Pastor Pat Wright, P. O. Box 22776, Seattle, WA 98122. Or, you may e-mail Pastor Wright at: You may also call her at (206) 322-7904. What a wonderful way to help someone else enjoy this New Year! May we hear from you soon??? In case you have not heard, Pastor Pat Wright was one of the ABC News "Persons of the Year" broadcast on December 27, 2007. Let's help her to succeed in this ambitious undertaking. May God continue to bless!!


Pastor Pat Wright